Dallas Breast Lift

A Return to Form

The Art of the Breast Lift by Dr. Robert Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz understands that a woman’s breasts can be one of the most psychologically challenging aspects of a woman’s sense of self.  While its biological job is to nurture a child, it is also one of the many ways a woman conveys and expresses her sexuality. And so he understands that between time and childbirth, when the breast begins to sag or lose its fullness, it can truly affect the way a woman feels about her body. This is why the breast lift has become a very popular procedure, particularly for moms.

He understands that when you wear a tight t-shirt, or stand naked in front of a mirror, you want your breasts to reflect the way you feel inside. You’re still a vibrant, energetic and passionate woman.  So whether your problem is that your breasts have begun to sag downward on the chest or whether your breasts have lost volume, due to breastfeeding, weight loss or simply age, Dr. Schwartz can offer you a return to form.

With Dr. Schwartz’s deep understanding of your breast’s anatomy, combined with his artist’s eye, you can be confident that the results, whether you need a lift to eliminate sagging or an implant to correct for deflation, will be individually tailored to your own unique body.

Breast sagging is divided into four categories or grades, according to the severity of the problem: Grade 1, mild; Grade 2, moderate; Grade 3, advanced. These grades are determined based on the position of your nipple in relation to the breast crease. The goal for your final result is to return your breast and nipple to a position parallel to or above the crease depending on the size of your breast. This may require the removal of excess skin, tightening the underlying breast tissue, and a slight reduction in the amount of breast tissue to shape firmer breasts. Dr. Schwartz will explain all aspects of the procedure during an in-depth consultation that covers the benefits, risks, and any questions that you have.

During a consultation, Dr. Schwartz will diagnose the degree of breast sagging and your individual goals for surgery. The treatment plan you decide on depends entirely on your preferences. Some Dallas breast lift patients will use this consultation as an opportunity to discuss other issues and eventually decide to combine breast and body procedures into a Mommy Makeover to change their appearance more fully. Dr. Schwartz will advise you on whichever procedures can achieve your desired results.

Since the more aggressive the lift, the longer the scars, Dr. Schwartz prefers to execute the short scar breast lift procedure by using the least amount of lift to achieve the desired result. However, he also understands that too little can sometimes not be enough. The optimal lift should be enough to position the breasts and nipples properly and eliminate sagging. Performed under general anesthesia, Dr. Schwartz removes skin from around the nipple and lower part of the breast that results in a tightening of the skin and breast tissue, forcing the breast to move upwards.  He also internally remolds and sculpts the lower part of the breast because the reshaped contour results in perkier, more youthful results.  To add fullness to the breast, Dr. Schwartz often suggests a small implant in addition to the lift because, with his many years of experience, the additional fullness can enhance the aesthetic outcome of the lift.

This operating room procedure generally has an easy recovery that enables working women and busy moms to resume their activities– to return to form—in as little as two days. Balancing aesthetic results with the desire for a smaller scar allows Dr. Schwartz’s patients to avoid long-term limitations inherent in other plastic surgeons’ breast lift procedures.

Dallas patients who want to reclaim the form breast should contact Dr. Schwartz’s office at 888-800-8300 to schedule your breast lift consultation.

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