Dallas Breast Revision

A New Beginning: The Art of Breast Implant Revision by Dr. Robert Schwartz

You emerged from surgery feeling excited, hopeful and knowing you finally had the breasts you had always dreamed of.

Then devastation.  For a myriad of reasons, the breast augmentation surgery was a disaster and you’re left with results that are not only worse than your preoperative situation, but your confidence and faith in the process has also been shaken. Yet as traumatized as you may feel, you also know you cannot live with the results of your botched surgery. You have to find the right plastic surgeon to correct the damage done to your body.

Indeed, there can be any number of reasons why a woman needs implant revision surgery–from incorrect positioning or size to implant rupture, capsular contracture or other changes in the breast tissue that have resulted in breast sagging (ptosis) or breast tissue thinning.  While other reasons for breast implant revision include visible implant rippling or the desire to exchange saline for a silicone gel implant, or vice versa.

Dr. Schwartz truly believes that changing a patient’s life in a positive manner is the most rewarding part of plastic surgery and he firmly upholds the Hippocratic oath of “first do no harm.”  That belief extends especially to helping those women who have been failed by their prior surgeries.  This is not to say that a botched procedure is necessarily the culprit.

Incorrect placement of your breast implants causes four main problems faced by Dallas breast revision patients. If your breast augmentation surgeon miscalculates any aspect of your anatomy he or she can botch the entire procedure. “Bottoming out” occurs when your implant begins to move down your chest to a position that appears unnatural. Synmastia or “breadloafing” occurs when your plastic surgeon places the implants too close to the middle of your sternum (breastbone). Your breasts then share a common pocket or touch unnaturally. “Double bubble” is a term that describes your implant shifting behind the bulge underneath the breast giving it an additional crease. The last issue associated with incorrect positioning is implant rotation. This is specific to anatomical implants when the breast pocket is not fit to the implant or because your surgeon does not evaluate the best location for implant placement.

Dallas breast augmentation patients can also encounter problems with capsular contracture, the formation of scar tissue around breast implants. Capsular contracture causes your breasts to tighten around your implants creating a shape and feel that is hard and unnatural By selecting the optimal implants and placing the implant under the muscle (submuscular) the risk of this problem is very minimal with an experienced plastic surgeon.

In cases where breast implants rupture, the mistake is often related to surgical error. A plastic surgeon who does not specialize in breast augmentation can easily misjudge the size of breast pocket or mishandle the implant during placement. Unfortunately, because of the rise of Dallas patients requesting breast augmentations, many unqualified surgeons perform this procedure with minimal experience and understanding of breast anatomy.

Selecting an implant size that does not fit your body type and chest measurements can also prevent you from enjoying the full benefit of breast augmentation surgery. Many plastic surgeons will select your implant size on the basis of cup size or other incorrect assumptions for breast measurement. Some other plastic surgeons may even try to convince you to go bigger and leave you with cartoonishly large breasts that look unnatural. The most important thing to keep in mind is if your breast augmentation surgeon truly understands what you want and how to achieve it.

Critical with any breast implant revision is a correct diagnosis.  More often than not, however, it’s a diagnosis that Dr. Schwartz must make without the benefit of the patient’s post-operative data.  Which is why breast implant revisions especially require a surgeon with enough experience and creativity to accurately assess the situation in the operating room where the real issues often present themselves. Revisions to breast pocket size, placement of implants under, fully or partially under the muscle, and selecting the correct type of implant are all factors that Dr. Schwartz carefully considers to obtain results that you love. It is during these times that you really want Dr. Schwartz as your surgeon.  In his skilled hands, you can finally relax while he restores your body to the vision you have always wished.

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