Dallas Buttocks Augmentation

The New Bottom Line

The Art of Buttocks Augmentation by Dr. Robert Schwartz in Dallas

Gone are the days of rail thin, androgynous bodies. The new bottom line? What was almost unheard of a short five years ago has become one of the fastest growing aesthetic surgery procedures—buttocks augmentation– because we want our men to look like men, fit and defined, and our women to look like women with all of their beautiful curves.

Just as the face and every other part of our bodies lose elasticity and tone with age, our buttocks also change.  You may have noticed that you don’t quite fill out those jeans the way you did in your twenties.  Or perhaps you never had the volume that you always wished for. Whatever the cause of your shrinking bottom line, doing something about it has gotten a whole lot easier.

For traditional augmentation using implants, Dr. Schwartz begins by making a small incision in the upper buttock crease and creating a pocket within the gluteus maximus muscle. Then, based on the size and shape desired, a solid silicone implant is inserted into the muscle pocket together with a special double catheter pain pump that drips local anesthetic into the pocket for four days. This pain relief system dramatically decreases the muscle stretch pain making your recovery and mobility much easier. He then closes the pockets with meticulously close incisions to minimize scarring.

Whereas this traditional buttocks augmentation remains a necessary option for some, for others there is a far better way that Dr. Schwartz absolutely loves. That’s because most of us have a little extra body fat.  The beauty of this procedure is that it allows for a faster recovery time, less pain, a low complication rate and obviously no implant related issues like movement or hardening. But the special advantage that Dr. Schwartz finds is that it allows him to sculpt the area to the optimum shape for each patient and results in a softer, more natural look and feel.

At Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery in Dallas,Dr. Schwartz begins by carefully selecting and discussing which areas of your body will maximize fat yield and deliver the best overall body contour.  Using Vaser technology for its ultra-gentle and low-vacuum capability to generate the most usable fat, suctioning is done in the Operating Room. The suctioned fat is then collected in a Filtron device that gently separates it from fluid and other tissue while minimizing handling and protecting its delicate cells.

Dr. Schwartz then draws the fat into small syringes and slowly and precisely injects it into the buttocks, all the while carefully sculpting the desired shape.

The results for you… a new and better bottom line. Contact our practice in Dallas to schedule your buttocks augmentation consultation. Call (888) 800-8300. 

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