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The Art of Ear Surgery by Dr. Robert Schwartz in Dallas

Although post-operative pain is often minimal, Dallas patients must wear a compression headband for a week following surgery, so most take that amount of time before returning to their schedules. But when you do go back to school or work, won’t it feel good to know that if you’re going to stick out from the crowd it won’t be because of your ears anymore.

As parents we all want to protect our children. And as kids we all want to fit in… to not stick out in a crowd. But for those of us unlucky enough to have been blessed with ears that stick out too far from our heads, school was often a stressful, miserable litany of insults and teasing. But now there’s more than hope, there’s a real solution. And because by age six the ear has grown to 85% of its full growth, it’s a solution that can be offered to youngsters so they can avoid all that unnecessary grief. As for those adults who still remember the taunts, now is the time to take just two hours and rewrite history with a simple procedure performed under either local or general anesthesia.

Since most people with prominent ears don’t have an antihelical fold, an incision is made behind the ear and then sutures reshape the cartilage If necessary, cartilage and bone can also be removed. A stitch is then put in the mastoid bone enabling the ear to lie close to the head.

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