Dallas Lip Augmentation

Something to Smile About
The Art of Lip Augmentation by Dr. Robert Schwartz in Dallas

The eyes may be deemed the window to the soul, but pretty lips convey an equally important message—one of desirability and beauty.

Yet while many women desire fuller lips, they’re reluctant to undergo the procedure. It’s an understandable reaction after seeing numerous celebrities who have undergone the standard technique of lip augmentation. Most surgeons simply inject filler around the outer edge of the lips to accentuate the border, and we’ve all seen the results– the well-known and universally reviled “duck lip.”

Dr. Schwartz fully understands this hesitation. His philosophy is that a woman’s lips don’t have to be big. Truly one size does not fit all. Rather, the secret to beautiful lips is their shape. That is why Dr. Schwartz prefers to finely sculpt a woman’s lips rather than simply augment their size.

To achieve his artistry, Dr. Schwartz studies each person as the unique individual they are, taking into consideration the differing proportions of every face. Using a dental block, he then numbs the lips to eliminate discomfort as he works his magic to sculpt the lips with filler, rounding and plumping only specific areas of the upper and lower lips to create curves and a sexy shape.

While Dr. Schwartz prefers to inject Hyaluronic Acid fillers, often opting for Restylane or Juvederm, to artfully accentuate the existing curves of his patient’s lips, the technique matters more than the specific fillers. When a Dallas patient desires something more permanent, he may recommend using their own fat.

The results are naturally stunning and beautiful—something to truly smile about. Contact Dr. Schwartz in Dallas for your lip augmentation consultation at (888) 800-8300.

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