Dallas Male Breast Reduction

Tailored Results
The Art of Male Breast Reduction by Dr. Robert Schwartz in Dallas

You know who you are. You’re that guy. The one who prefers to roast at the beach rather than remove his t-shirt. Or you’re the guy who puts on a brave face when his friends tease him, pretending you don’t care. After all, it’s something you just have to live with, right? Actually, it doesn’t have to be that way. While Gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts) is a very common, though seldom discussed condition, there is a solution.

When Gynecomastia usually first presents, during the teen years, it can sometimes disappear. But often it doesn’t. And as men age and gain weight, fatty tissue can also cause this problem. Traditional treatment involves directly cutting the breast tissue, but that often leaves irregular or even “dished out” breasts. Regular liposuction yields more even results, but often doesn’t remove enough tissue because male breast tissue can be gritty and fibrous. However, with the rapid advances in technology— especially ultrasonic liposuction— Dr. Schwartz can finally give you the tailored results you’ve longed for.

For you, Dr. Schwartz can provide just the right touch as one of the nation’s few plastic surgeons expert in the use of the VASER ultrasonic liposuction system. This next generation in body contouring technology, VASER Lipo, or LipoSelection®, utilizes ultrasonic energy to precisely break apart and emulsify fat deposits for easy, safe removal. Trained by the inventor of the process, Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dr. Schwartz is the only Dallas, Texas plastic surgeon to date trained in VASER Hi Def. With this advanced technique, in Dr. Schwartz’s hands your muscle definition is uncovered and identified allowing Dr. Schwartz to safely and accurately strip all the fat that stands in its—and your—way. Not only does Vaser Hi Def remove more fat, it enables Dr. Schwartz to contour the pectoral and surrounding areas to increase the lean muscle definition. The result is a more artfully sculpted, more masculine appearance—and all with significantly less pain and less time-off for recovery.

Performed under general anesthetic, with patients ranging from as young as fourteen to men in their sixties, recovery time can be as swift as two days. But the confidence it brings can last a lifetime.

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