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Simply Rejuvenated
The Art of QuickLift™ by Dr. Robert Schwartz

One of the truths of aging is that we often feel younger than we look. We have active lives, the excitement of new relationships, and the support of long-term friendships. However, just when we are enjoying the self-confidence that comes with maturity, the attractiveness and youthfulness of our bodies begins to fade.

Some of the most common changes take place along the cheeks, jaw line, and neck. Skin begins to look and feel looser. It doesn’t have the same firmness and healthy appearance that it did in your younger years. This area of your face—the lower to middle section—has a significant impact on everything from a great smile to an attractive profile. For you, that’s great news.

Dr. Schwartz is the only doctor in North Texas, Dallas trained in the advanced techniques of QuickLift™. This procedure provides full face lift results in less time and with faster recovery. Plus, the effects can last longer; the QuickLift™ process permanently supports the underlying structures of your lower face to give you rejuvenated looks for years to come.

Why? Because you can turn to QuickLift™.

QuickLift™ gives you an overall lower-to-mid-face lift and improves the appearance of your neck. It offers a compelling reversal of the effects of aging and a number of advantages over a traditional facelift. Two of the most important are that QuickLift™ can be performed under local anesthesia, and it is a much less invasive process. As a result, you will experience less pain and a faster recovery time. Some people have the procedure on a Friday, return to the doctor’s office on Saturday for a follow-up, and are able to go back to work on Monday or Tuesday. This is incredibly valuable whether you are a busy professional or an active parent who can’t afford time away from life.

Another advantage: the faster you recover, the more quickly you can enjoy the results of your procedure. Dr. Schwartz’s aim is that your friends will be talking about how great you look and not how “different” you look. He makes tiny adjustments through QuickLift™ that elevate drooping features to their natural locations. The result is that you appear rejuvenated, youthful, and pretty in a way that can last for years.

The results are outstanding. The effort, time, and cost are significantly reduced from those of a full face lift. If you are interested in QuickLift™, please contact our Dallas office to learn more. Dr. Schwartz and his staff look forward to helping you achieve your goals. Call (888) 800-8300. 

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