Which Implant Type is Right for You?


Silicone Gel – The Gold Standard for Naturalness

Silicone gel were the first successful breast implants dating back to the 1960’s. And, to date, there is still nothing better. Silicone gel implants feel like breast tissue. Once implanted, it’s usually hard to feel where real breast ends and implant begins. Breasts with silicone gel implants move like real breasts and don’t tend to ripple. Both textured and smooth implants work well well in silicone gel. Silicone gel implants come in the widest variety of profiles and shapes making them ideal for creating the widest variety of results and for correcting asymmetry and other problems.

Saline – No Brainier Maintenance

Given all of silicone’s advantages, why would you want saline? It’s because, for some women, saline offers a simplicity. Every implant will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. This usually takes 10-20 years. When saline implants wear out, they deflate – usually pretty quickly. Not a great day but the deflation does tell you exactly when it’s time to replace your implants. Silicone gel implants don’t deflate so it can sometimes be hard to tell when they fail. The FDA recommends periodic MRI’s to detect silicone gel implant rupture. These aren’t needed with saline implants.

What About Health Risks?

The FDA removed silicone gel implants from the market in 1992. This was due to concerns that the implants might be causing autoimmune diseases like lupus in some women who receive them. Silicone implants were re-released in 2006 because 14 years of study had shown no evidence of greater disease risk in women with silicone gel breast implants. Since then, silicone gel implants have come to dominate the market for breast augmentation.

Gummy Bear Implants

All modern silicone gel implants contain what is called “cohesive gel.” This means that the gel stickers to itself and isn’t prone to go anywhere if the implant leaks. Gummy bear implants are a specific type of cohesive gel implant where the gel is so cohesive, it’s nearly solid. We offer gummy bear implants as one of the possible options for our patients.

Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery

There are over 800 different breast implants in the U.S. We are one of the few practices that offer and use the full range of implants. Every manufacturer. Every style. Every fill. Every size.

But more important than offering all these implants is our detailed method for finding the implant that is best for you. The one out of 800+ that will give you the prettiest possible breasts. To learn more about our system, schedule your initial breast augmentation consultation by clicking here, or call (888) 800-8300.

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