4 Questions You Might Be Too Embarrassed to Ask About Your Breast Augmentation

Dr. Robert Schwartz
June 21, 2020

Let’s be real for a moment. When it boils down to it, all women want breast augmentation results that they and their partner can enjoy. At Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery, we strive to make breast augmentation consults educational and fun. When patients come in to our office to consult about breast augmentation, it’s exciting for us because we know that it’s an exciting time for them. We cover a lot of information about your goals, the types of breast implants, healing time, etc.

There are those standard questions that we often address in a consult while the surgeon is present, but then, there are the other questions. You know. The ones you may be less comfortable asking your soon to be plastic surgeon. We get it all the time, and we understand. It can sometimes be easier to ask or confide in one of our surgical consultants, rather than ask Dr. Schwartz. We want you to know that it’s ok to ask any and all questions you and your partner may have. We are sharing our top 4 questions our patients ask once Dr. Schwartz leaves the room with you in hopes to take away any embarrassment and add to your confidence level. Full disclosure: the answers may vary slightly depending on exactly what type of breast surgery you are having, but please rest assured that Dr. Schwartz will be happy to address these in person during your consult.

  1. Do I have to take my nipple piercings out to have a breast augmentation?
    Short answer here is yes, but only for the surgery itself. If you’re worried about the piercings closing, you can substitute plastic piercings for the surgery and until cleared by Dr. Schwartz. Read if breast augmentation affects nipple sensitivity!
  2. How soon after my breast augmentation can I have sex?
    The hard and fast rule is 3 weeks. No touching, groping, NOTHING!
  3. Am I going to lose nipple sensation after my breast augmentation?
    It is common for patients to experience temporary diminished or increased sensitivity after their surgery. While every patient is different, sensation generally returns to normal within 3-4 months.
  4. Will my partner be able to feel the difference in my breasts after my surgery?
    Breast Implants are typically placed under the muscle. You have a cushioning of breast tissue and pec muscles living on top of the implants. Will your partner notice a difference- it is likely, but hey, isn’t that what you paid for?! Will your partner feel a difference? Perhaps slightly, but suffice it to say that in 21 years of practice we have never had a patient return and say, “take these out of me, my partner hates the way they feel!”

If you have any questions that you may be too embarrassed to ask, please don’t feel that way. We want you to ask away!

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