Breast Implant Revision For Bigger Breasts

Dr. Robert Schwartz
October 17, 2022

If you have had a breast augmentation but are unhappy with the size of your breasts, you may opt to have a breast implant revision to go bigger. This is not uncommon and replacing implants with larger ones is a simple procedure. It will require you to go under general anesthesia and have your surgeon remove your old implants, and insert newer, bigger breast implants. This is known as a breast implant revision and can be done by the skilled team at RS Plastic Surgery in Dallas.

When should I get a second breast augmentation to go bigger?

Your surgery to get bigger implants should take place at least six months after your augmentation. The reason for this is that full recovery after breast augmentation can take up to six months, sometimes longer, to see your final results. During this time, your implants will settle into the pocket in which they are sitting and any swelling will subside. Before this, you will not be able to see the full effect of your breast augmentation. Waiting as long as possible is better than rushing this decision.

Choosing bigger implants

Once you have waited an appropriate amount of time to heal and are still sure you want to get larger implants, you will need to discuss with your surgeon how much bigger you want to go. They will be able to guide you in choosing your bigger implants. As you are probably aware from your initial augmentation, breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (CCs). For every 200cc you increase by, you will go up by about 1.5 cup sizes.

As with your initial breast augmentation, when choosing your implants to go bigger you must take into account your frame, weight and chest proportions. Take your surgeon’s advice here, they will be able to guide you towards an end result that is natural-looking. Make sure you and your surgeon are on the same page about the size you want to be. Simply reciting cup sizes will not get you your desired result as your idea of a particular cup size probably isn’t the same as your surgeon’s. Take your time to fully discuss your goals with your surgeon.

Changing your breast implant size might also be the opposite: you want to go smaller. This is also possible through a breast implant revision during which your surgeon will remove the large implants and insert smaller, better suited implants.

What about the shape of my implants?

There is a possibility that your implants are actually the wrong shape, and not that the implants are too small. Breast implants come in a number of different profiles, designed to suit all body types. These can be flatter, broader profiles or more narrow and pointed, and everything in between. You might feel that your implants are too small, but in fact they are just the incorrect shape for your body frame, appearing too small against the proportions and shape of your chest area.

Your surgeon will replace your existing implant with a more appropriately shaped implant, correcting the profile and making your breasts appear bigger and closer to your goal.

Recovery after getting bigger implants

It is likely that your breast implant revision to go bigger will be a smoother surgery and recovery than your breast augmentation. This is because, in most cases, your surgeon will be using the pocket created in your first surgery. This pocket might need to be expanded or adjusted which means your surgeon will separate more of your breast tissue from your breast bone to create a larger pocket. Recovery after breast implant revision is generally easier than breast augmentation and you will be bikini-ready two to three weeks after your surgery, sporting your new, fuller breasts.

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