Breast Implant Sizing II- The Bra Stuffing Sham

Dr. Robert Schwartz
February 29, 2020

In the last post, we saw how choosing breast implants by naming a cup size is, at best, a guessing game that can lead to disappointing results. With this next method, things only get worse. I can sum this one up quickly - trying to find the right size breast implant by putting implants in your bra completely, totally, absolutely does not work.

In, fact it's almost guaranteed to get you the wrong size. Here's how this one goes: Your plastic surgeon lays out a series of different size breast implants. You insert the first set of implants into your bra (or sometimes they give you an oversized bra to hold them.) You walk over to the mirror. You check yourself out. You turn to the side. You look. You try the next set of implants. At some point you look in the mirror and think, "yeah, that's the size I want to be." You tell your plastic surgeon. And that's the size implant he or she puts in you. Flash forward 3 months. You've had your breast augmentation and are pretty much healed. And your breasts aren't the size you thought they would be.

You've just discovered an unpleasant truth: Breast implants in front of your breasts don't look the same as breast implants inside your breasts. So the look you saw in the mirror with the implants in your bra isn't the look you get from your breast augmentation. The surgery result usually looks smaller and the shape can be very different. When you think about it, there's no logical reason why this sizing technique would work. It's like going to a department store and picking a dress by holding it up in front of you. You wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't look the same when you go home and actually wear it. So stuffing breast implants in a bra doesn't work. And naming a cup size doesn't work.

We need to move on to what does work. But first, there's one more breast implant sizing method that is so ridiculous it almost isn't even worth discussing. But I see it a lot on plastic surgery TV shows so let's dispense with it in the next post.

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