How Does Bellafill’s Five Year Performance Stack Up Against Other Dermal Fillers

Dr. Robert Schwartz
October 8, 2019

Eventually, facial ageing catches up with us all. As well, preventing frown lines, laugh lines, wrinkles around the mouth, can be different case by case. There are countless methods, especially with the inclusion of modern medicine, to aid in preventing individuals from showing signs of ageing. Within the last few decades, the method of using dermal fillers has become increasingly popular as it’s a safe, reliable, and not to mention extremely effective in reducing those unwanted smile lines and face wrinkles.

Unsurprisingly, wrinkle filler products have grown into an expansive market with a myriad of brands, products, varying ingredient inclusion, and application practices. The dermal filler market is expected to increase its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4% by the end of 2026, according to Report Linker. With such an expansion it’s important to continuously note what sets Bellafill apart from the rest.

Typically, a dermal filler lasts from 12-18 months, depending on the person and the kind of filler used.

With that said, in the largest and longest study on injectable fillers, Bellafill outperformed in patient satisfaction, longevity, and safety for filling in smile lines. At the study’s completion, 83% of patients were still satisfied with their results 5 years after treatment.

Why you ask? Unlike other dermal fillers, Bellafill has been FDA approved and clinically proven to last for up to 5 years. Half a decade. Yes, use Bellafill once to fill in smile lines and it’ll last up to 5 years. Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, which often dissolve within a few months, Bellafill creates a lasting improvement in your skin. Its tiny, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres are suspended within a base of smooth collagen gel. Once injected, Bellafill immediately reduces the look of smile lines. Over time, your body uses the microspheres to create a “scaffold” onto which your own collagen can develop. This collagen forms a foundation that adds volume to wrinkles, reducing their appearance. These natural-looking results feel soft and smooth through 5 years!

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