Let's Talk About Liposuction Incisions

Dr. Robert Schwartz
October 8, 2018

You’ve decided to have liposuction. You’ve done your research, been to a few consults, and you’ve finally found a plastic surgeon who you like well enough to actually pay to do the liposuction for you. You’re probably really excited and a little bit scared. Did you get answers to all of your questions? Was there something you forgot to ask that you should know? There really are a host of questions to pose to your surgeon-to-be and their support staff, all of which should ultimately result in you being comfortable with your surgeon and their methods for getting you the results you want. Some questions may appear a bit obvious, such as whether the procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia, what kind of liposuction device does the surgeon use, what is the downtime, cost, etc., but one often overlooked question is where and how will the cannula be inserted and will I have scars from my procedure?


Before we go any further, let’s review what a cannula is. A cannula is a small stainless steel tube that facilitates liposuction in men and women. It is inserted through an incision site by your surgeon where fat will be gently removed. Industry experts have multiple opinions regarding the most efficient way to make the incision for cannula insertion. Dr. Robert Schwartz, a respected plastic surgeon practicing in Dallas, lends clarity to the topic by explaining the various methods of making incisions and why he believes his method is the best approach when performing a liposuction procedure for men and women. Insertion points for cannulas are made one of two ways: with a tool called a biopsy punch or with a scalpel. Dallas plastic surgeon, Dr. Schwartz states, “Some surgeons claim that using the punch method prevents trauma that the cannula causes by its repetitive movement along the sides of the incision. And purportedly, this creates a smaller scar.” Dr. Schwartz goes on to state, “However, performing a punch doesn’t work when performing liposuction procedures and here are the main reasons why:

  1. Unless you make a sizeable punch, the cannula is still going to rub against the skin, roughing it up and causing damage during the liposuction procedure.
  2. Afterwards, you have to pull the skin edges together to close a hole, whereas an incision is two straight lines. The tension caused by suturing up the incision site makes for a worse scar. Due to the nature of skin, when you close a circle into a line, the edges lump up into something called “dog-ears.” It's a geometric problem. Neither the skin nor scar heals properly and the end-result is a more noticeable and less attractive scar.”


As a standard, Dr. Schwartz implements the use of devices called liposuction ports when performing the procedure in the OR. Ports are small plastic tubes that are inserted into the skin. The lipo cannula is guided through these ports, completely shielding the skin from the cannula and preventing friction against the skin. “There’s absolutely no trauma. The skin stays pristine,” explains Dr. Schwartz. “The scar heals nicely, producing significantly less of a telltale sign that you had a procedure performed in the area.” After using specialized instruments that permit the smallest incisions possible and liposuction ports to maintain the integrity of the skin, Dr. Schwartz sutures up the incision sites and completes his work by applying a skin glue to seal the incision, preventing leakage of tumescent and bodily fluid. Dr. Schwartz comments, “I’ve been told that many non-plastic surgeons who perform liposuction tend to leave the incisions open. They use big, bulky dressings to soak up the draining fluids. Some feel this helps the swelling go away faster, but since the body absorbs the fluid in just a few short days, board-certified plastic surgeons find that this is not necessarily true. “I want my patients to be comfortable while they are recovering and not having to worry with frequently changing out dressings and contending with keeping their furniture clean.” If you have been deliberating about having liposuction to remove bulges and contour your figure, trust Dr. Schwartz and his team in Dallas to perform safe and professional liposuctions. That’s peace of mind you’ll enjoy.

Dallas men and women can redefine their body’s contour and improve their confidence with liposuction by Dr. Robert Schwartz. Find out more about liposuction by calling our office today!

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