Symmastia Correction In Dallas

Dr. Robert Schwartz
March 29, 2018

You’re in shape and beautiful but wanted to look better. After spending months, maybe even years agonizing over the choices you finally decided to get breast implants. The day of surgery you said goodbye to your former appearance and welcomed change.

When you woke up from surgery, you immediately noticed the difference. Finally, you were comfortable with the size of your breasts. The new wardrobe you’d bought would now display your new body and give you more confidence.

But something went wrong. As you heal, your breasts are not only touching but the tissue around the crease is connected. All of your hopes for a new appearance have been shattered.

Symmastia, known by most breast augmentation patients as “breadloafing” or “uniboob” occurs when the skin of your breast implants connects. In many cases, women’s breasts sit so close together that they touch. This is not the ideal result that you dreamed of. In fact, it’s more like a nightmare, and you’re not sure where to turn. Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Schwartz performs breast augmentation revisions for patients who have suffered from incompetent plastic surgery.

Symmastia is a result of bad plastic surgery technique. Most times, the plastic surgeon will miscalculate the effect that a larger than life implant will have on a slender patient. The result: breasts that touch and look completely unnatural.

To correct symmastia without the benefit of knowing your previous surgeon’s technique, you’ll need to find an expert in breast revision. Dr. Schwartz has helped countless women undo the damage done by other plastic surgeons, attaining pretty breasts that meet his patients’ ideals. By understanding what you want during an in-depth consultation, Dr. Schwartz will help you select implants that meet these goals while remaining in proportion with the rest of your body.

Symmastia patients in Dallas, TX can rest assured that Dr. Schwartz will accurately assess and correct your problem. During your operation, Dr. Schwartz will use a number of techniques that include using internal sutures to close the extended breast pockets and keep each implant in place. In other instances, symmastia can be corrected by creating brand new pockets for the implants. Symmastia patients will sometimes benefit by changing their implant size or shape to better match their physique.

Dr. Schwartz believes that the goal for every Dallas, TX patient is pretty breasts that are proportional to her figure. This may mean that reaching a certain cup size will not work because of the limitations of your chest width and height. By finding the right fit for your body, Dr. Schwartz will advise you on options that work for your body.

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