The History Of Breastaugust

Dr. Robert Schwartz
July 11, 2019

Originally known as Breastivus, BreastAugust was observed as far back as the 9th century AD by Canadian Native Americans (now more accurately referred to as Canadian Native Canadians) in what would currently be Eastern Quebec. Canadians celebrated for the entire month of August by shedding their heavy skins and pelts and turning their attention to commemorating all things breast.

Naturally, there was much rejoicing.

Sadly, Breastivus was lost in the shuffle of the Renaissance. Until 2016. When plastic surgeon and ex-Canada dweller, Robert Schwartz, remembered the story of Breastivus he had possibly read, maybe in the 10th grade with Mrs. Guedon. Dr. Schwartz was determined to bring Breastivus back, making it better than ever- with a new name, BreastAugust, and even more reason to celebrate.

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