Two More Lies Other Plastic Surgeons Tell You About Breast Augmentation

Dr. Robert Schwartz
November 15, 2019

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery. The truth is that other plastic surgeons lie to their patients. Constantly. The first lie they tell you is that you need to go bigger when you don’t. The other two concern your results and why other plastic surgeons fall short of the results you want.


You know how you want your breasts to look. The ideal shape, size, and projection you have in your mind is correct. It’s my job as a plastic surgeon to find the implant that matches. Other plastic surgeons who fail to make their breast augmentation patients happy with their results, are clearly not doing something right. But how do you recognize a bad plastic surgeon during your consultation?

The first sign is the first lie about breast augmentation: go bigger than you think. A plastic surgeon who insists on larger breast implants thinks you don’t know what you want. He is insulting you on many levels and after your surgery will hold you responsible for the results.

Remember that it is your plastic surgeon’s responsibility to understand what you want. His whole practice revolves around patient care and he should not use a flawed system to understand your needs.


In most cases, women want a breast lift because their breasts start sagging and they want volume. Other plastic surgeons suggest combining a breast lift with implants. This is often wrong because expertly placed implants can give your breasts the lift and size that you want with one surgery. You’ll have less scarring and the right amount of lift so that you can be proud of your new breasts.

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