Vaser Liposuction Advantage 1 - Way Less Ouch

Dr. Robert Schwartz
June 12, 2018

Have you ever seen a liposuction? Between all the plastic surgery TV shows and YouTube, I'll bet the answer is, "Yes." I'm also willing to bet you didn't think that liposuction procedure looked very pretty. You really need to wipe that image from your brain because Vaser lipo procedures look nothing like that.

With regular liposuction, the plastic surgeon uses a hollow metal rod called a cannula hooked to a vacuum pump. He passes the cannula through the fat and the suction pulls globs of fat into holes at the end of the cannula. The fat gets torn off, sucked down the tube and into the machine. The problem is it takes force to push the cannula through the fat.

That's why you see plastic surgeons on TV just hammering away with the cannula. But that's your body they're hammering and all that pounding is going to hurt the next day. Contrast with the Vaser.

The Vaser starts the process with a fine titanium ultrasound probe. Using a small incision, I pass this probe through the fat we want to treat. The ultrasound breaks up and liquefies the fat as we pass through it. When that's done, we extract the fat with gentle, atraumatic cannulas. The beauty of this is that the ultrasound does the work. The probe glides through your fat smoothly with little force. Easier on me. More importantly, easier on you.

Less force means less trauma and that means less pain (also less bruising and swelling.) So the first big advantage of Vaser ultrasonic liposuction is a much easier recovery. More to come soon.

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