What Are The Signs Of A Ruptured Silicone Implant?

Dr. Robert Schwartz
December 16, 2018

Whether it’s from age or injury, a ruptured silicone implant can sometimes be painful and may cause a change in breast shape. But often, the breasts look and feel exactly the same and it can be difficult to even know that the implant is broken. So what are the signs of a ruptured silicone implant? There are some very important symptoms to look for that might indicate you need to visit Dallas breast augmentation expert Dr. Robert Schwartz for an inspection.


Because silicone implants are less “liquidy” than saline implants, the silicone may not actually leak out of its shell. Even still, you may notice some change in how your breast looks and feels. Keep a close watch for any of the following signs, which may indicate that you have a ruptured silicone implant:

  • New pain or discomfort in the breast
  • A change in the appearance of the breast
  • Hardening of the breast
  • A change in the way the breast feels


If you experience any kind of trauma like a bad fall or a car accident you should schedule a visit with your doctor for a breast exam. Most times, a ruptured silicone implant will look and feel the same so it’s best to schedule an exam to be sure. Your doctor will likely recommend an MRI, which is able to detect up to 95% of ruptured silicone implants. Mammograms, on the other hand, can only detect 75% of ruptured silicone implants. If you have any suspicions that you have a ruptured silicone implant or if you just have some questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call immediately.

Call Dallas breast augmentation specialist Dr. Robert Schwartz to schedule a consultation to discuss concerns about a ruptured silicone implant.

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