What's The Difference Between Smooth And Textured Breast Implants?

Dr. Robert Schwartz
October 18, 2018


The outer shells of breast implants may be designed with either a smooth or textured surface. Textured implants have an irregular surface, and over time, the surrounding tissue will grow into and attach to the outer shell. This tends to keep the implants in place after a breast augmentation.

Dallas patients often want to know whether smooth or textured breast implants will give them the best results. During your initial consultation, Dr. Schwartz will talk with you about how you want to look, what you want to change, and what your ideal outcome will be with surgery. He will conduct a comprehensive examination and, based on his years of experience, recommend the implant style you should consider.

Dr. Schwartz has helped women get attractive, natural-looking results using both smooth and textured implants. He has found that, in most cases, the style matters much less than the technique, skill, and artistry the surgeon brings to the procedure. However, there are reasons that Dr. Schwartz will advise one option over the other.


In general, most of Dr. Schwartz's Dallas patients end up with smooth breast implants instead of textured. This has more to do with the patient's body type than any other factor.

One important goal of an augmentation procedure is to give the breasts a round and symmetrical shape. This means avoiding extreme fullness in the upper slope of the breast, which doesn't look as natural.

Younger women tend to have a short measurement between the base of the breast and the nipple. Following a breast augmentation, these Dallas patients will want that measurement to increase slightly, the skin to stretch subtly to accommodate the implant, and the implant to descend in the breast. This will give the breast a pretty, rounded shape. However, textured breast implants will not descend much because of their design. This can create a less attractive and natural-looking outcome for younger patients.


Some of Dr. Schwartz's patients will benefit from textured implants. These women tend to have:

  • A long measurement from the base of the breast to the top of the nipple.
  • A nipple that points upwards a bit.

Dallas women with this build aren't good candidates for smooth breast implants; these implants would cause their breasts to sit lower on their chest than aesthetically ideal. Textured implants are more likely to grip the surfaces of the implant pocket and stay in place. This higher position will provide a more youthful look.

During your consultation with Dr. Schwartz, feel free to ask questions about the advantages of the smooth and textured styles. As with all of his patients, he wants to you to be comfortable with the breast implants you'll be getting, to have confidence in the care you'll receive, and to be excited about the improvement you can expect following your breast augmentation. Find out more about Dr. Schwartz's approach to surgery and patient care.

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