Why Do Those Breast Implants Look So Fake?

Dr. Robert Schwartz
July 31, 2013

The right breast implants can provide a beautiful, natural-looking improvement to your appearance. When I work with patients, I help achieve this type of result by emphasizing communication, using meticulous attention to detail in surgery, and offering high-quality care throughout the experience.

Unfortunately, some people don't get this type of medical guidance, and the results are noticeable. The majority of the time, fake-looking breasts like those in the picture (not my work, by the way) come from implants that are too big for the patient.

This can happen in three ways:

  1. The implant is too wide for your chest. Natural-looking implants fit well within your breasts. If the implants are too wide, though, they become squished. This can deform the shape of your breasts.
  2. The implant is too tall for your chest. One of the goals of implants is to add fullness to your breasts. However, when implants are too tall, they fill the top of the breasts too much. This makes the upper breast looks unnaturally large and fake.
  3. Your skin is stretched too much. Every woman's skin is slightly different in the way that it stretches. A woman in her thirties with large B-cup breasts who has had a couple of pregnancies may have fairly elastic skin. An 18-year-old with no pregnancies and A-cup breasts probably doesn't have much skin elasticity. Whatever your case may be, your skin has a limit to how far it will stretch.

Irresponsible plastic surgeons often ignore these concerns. They cram in implants that are larger than the skin should hold. As a result, the skin appears tight, the breasts look synthetically attached, and the chest feel unnaturally hard. The skill of your plastic surgeon and the choice of implants will determine how attractive your breast augmentation will look.

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