Why Do Those Breast Implants Look So Fake?

Dr. Robert Schwartz
February 6, 2008

Because they're too big. Yes, there are other things that can cause not-so-pretty breast augmentation results - bad implant positioning and capsular contracture, for example. But 9 times out of 10, really fake-looking breasts like in the picture (not my work, by the way) come from breast implants that are too big for the woman.This happens for 3 reasons: 1.  Your Chest Is Only So Wide To look natural, the breast implant has to fit comfortably in this space. If it's too wide, the implant gets squished. Its shape gets deformed along with the shape of your breasts. 2.  Your Chest Is Only So High If the implants are too tall, they fill the top of the breasts too much. That makes the upper breast too round and full. A little fullness looks good. Too much fullness looks unnatural. 3.  Your Skin Is Only So Stretchy Everyone is a little different in this regard. A woman in her thirties with large B-cup breasts after a couple of pregnancies may have fairly elastic skin. An 18-year-old with no pregnancies and A-cup breasts is probably not going to stretch much. In either case, you eventually hit a limit of how far the skin will stretch. Unfortunately, too often this limit is ignored as a plastic surgeon crams in more implant than the skin wants to hold. The skin looks tight. The breasts look like two balls stuck on the chest and they feel hard.

More than anything else, the size of your implants will determine how natural your breasts look. So getting the right size implants is critical. I'll discuss how to do that in the next post.

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