Real Patient Plastic Surgery Reviews

Keeping my Mojo Going

Thank you for helping me get my mojo back! You all have been wonderful to work with! “Cheers” to many more years of keeping my mojo going!

- Dawn

Grateful for the Personal Attention

I would like to thank you for the excellent treatment I received from you following my recent car accident. I am very grateful for the personal attention you granted me as a patient. I am pleased with how my face has begun to heal. I again thank you very much.

- K

D's Story

My surgeon, Dr. Robert J. Schwartz and his nurse, Amanda are the most wonderful team I’ve ever encountered. The ease and comfort I felt immediately relaxed me so that I could feel assured of my choice. I stayed in almost constant contact with Amanda and Carolyn, office receptionist in the status of my credit application, appointment booking scheduling and throughout the hectic pre-surgery details. Each time I faced any challenge, I was immediately reassured and calmly guided.

The day of surgery was met with few challenges. I was apparently an ease to operate on according to the report provided to my boyfriend personally by Dr. Schwartz. This meant a lot to my boyfriend and I. Dr. Schwartz took the time to reassure him all had gone wonderfully smooth and had all praise for the ease in operating on me. The staff at the clinic was marvelous, informative and genuinely concerned for the person not just the patient throughout my entire stay. I had no bruising and the usual swelling considering the tissues and muscles involved. I elected for breast fold incision as it seemed less evasive and trauma to the tender nerves and muscles and am still very happy I elected for this incision site versus the pectoral or nipple.

Dr. Schwartz and I discussed my optimum goal while reviewing photos I’d provided him of what I’d desire to look like and why. In recalling the photo I chose and the explanations for my choice, I know my optimum goal was reached. I believe the breasts I have today are identical to the photo of my number one choice. I’ve received several accolades from male admirers whom also give their praise to my surgeon for his marvelous work. These are from men that never knew me prior as well as dear friends that had known my previous look. All sing praises to Dr. Schwartz!

Without a doubt, my breast implant surgery was a very rewarding experience. I met several people that I remain on friendly terms with and are forever my email companions and value greatly the skill and expertise Dr. Schwartz and his entire staff provide. I recommend him highly and without reservation of any kind and would very much welcome guiding anyone the privilege of experiencing breast implant surgery performed by Dr. Schwartz.

- D

J's Story

I would highly recommend Dr. Schwartz for breast augmentation surgery. I had considered breast augmentation for over five years however I was concerned about the pain and recovery involved with surgery. Prior to finding a surgeon, I did extensive research on the internet and talked to women who had the surgery. One of my biggest fears was the pain and the amount of “down-time” required for recovery as I had heard stories of women waking up from surgery in severe pain, crying and having to remain on the couch for 5 or 6 days (even longer in some cases). While I was fully prepared to be out of commission for a few days, I was utterly shocked to have very little pain upon waking from surgery and only small amounts of pain in the days after surgery. In fact, the pain was so slight that within 12 hours of surgery I was off the prescription pain meds completely and only took two Tylenol once after that! I was amazed! I had very little swelling, no bruising and was back to normal (non-exercise) activities the day after surgery.

I chose Dr. Schwartz because he was flexible, provided great advice on implant type and size and had a lot of examples of his work on his website. I felt comfortable knowing he was comfortable showing multiple before and after pictures. In addition to the lack of pain and quick recovery associated with my augmentation, Dr. Schwartz helps you make the right choice on implant size based on pictures and your pre-operative breast shape and size. His staff is great and also makes you feel very comfortable on post operative visits when you have to “share” Dr. Schwartz’s handiwork. They also answered any questions I had after the surgery and gave me personal advice on how to be more comfortable with my new breasts.

As an athlete who both runs and lifts weights, breast tissue is something I have sacrificed to stay in shape. My breasts were the one area of my body that I couldn’t make bigger or shape through exercise. I would highly recommend breast augmentation to any woman who is not comfortable with their breasts. I am thrilled with the results and cannot believe how easy it was!

Thanks Dr. Schwartz and staff!

- J

Great Confidence in Your Ability

I’d like to thank you for your consultation. You thoroughly answered my questions. I have great confidence in your ability to do a competent job on the augmentation procedure. - M

Favorite Doctor

Dear Dr. Schwartz, Thanks for being my favorite doctor. You and your staff were great. Please accept this gift and go somewhere fun! See ya.

- D

Researched Many Dallas Plastic Surgeons

Doctor Schwartz,

I just want to let you know how happy I am that I chose you to be my plastic surgeon. Before our initial consultation, I researched many plastic surgeons in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, as well as in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, and no one impressed me as much as you did. You are so skilled at what you do, and the aesthetic results of your work are outstanding. Not only are you a fabulous doctor, but you are an artist as well.

I am also extremely impressed with you and your employees on a personal level. You and your staff are so affable that, whenever I’m there, I immediately feel as if I’m talking with old friends. The warm office atmosphere is so welcoming that it seems as if everyone there is “family.” I find myself looking forward to my appointments so I can see everyone.

I also want to mention how deeply I appreciate your willingness to accommodate my schedule by offering to perform my breast augmentation on a Friday. At the time, I didn’t realize that this would cause you to have to give up your Saturday in order for us to have our follow-up appointment. Your willingness to sacrifice part of your weekend for the sake of one of your patients was very touching to me. Not everyone would above and beyond the call of duty as you so willingly have done.

I am going to recommend you to as many people as I can. I have absolute confidence that in sending people to you, they will receive the utmost attention, best care, and most spectacular results possible.



Professionalism and Skill

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work on me. Your professionalism & skill quality truly is amazing. I’m so thankful for the “new improved me” every day – yay! Thanks for everything.

- L

Art of Healing

Thank you – for now & forever – for your devotion to the arts of healing and especially for your application of them on [our] behalf. Thank you also for your encouragement and your caring on a very personal level. With affection


Toni, Age 28

"Before my breast reduction and lift, my breasts were simply unmanageable. Now when I take off my bra, my breasts are where they’re supposed to be; they don’t feel painful or heavy. I am so grateful to Dr. Schwartz for making me feel so beautiful on one of the most important days of my life, my wedding day.”

As a bride-to-be with dress fittings and a wedding right around the corner, Toni finally decided to pursue the breast reduction she had long desired.

“I would say that my breasts were unmanageable. I’ve always had large breasts since junior high, and they only got worse after my son was born,” Toni said. “I’ve known for quite some time that I needed to do something about them, and it became a higher priority when my wedding was approaching and I wanted to look my very best.”

Like many others, Toni learned about Dr. Robert Schwartz on his popular Dallas radio show, “Plastic Surgery Today,” on 105.3 Free FM. She was impressed by his answers to callers.

“I started doing my research on doctors and what type of procedure I needed, and after hearing Dr. Schwartz, I quickly added him to my list,” Toni said. “He stood out on the radio as someone who was not only personable and honest, but also knowledgeable of the latest technological advances.”

After talking with the first two doctors she had researched, Toni almost decided to scrap the idea of having her breasts reduced and lifted altogether.

“The other doctors were recommending an older type of procedure that seemed very harsh. They also tried to talk me into adding implants and other procedures that were completely unnecessary,” she said. “Until I met Dr. Schwartz, I was about to give up.”

Dr. Schwartz restored Toni’s confidence by offering her a better solution that gave her the breasts she wanted just in time for her wedding.

“When I take off my bra now, my breasts are where they are supposed to be; they don’t feel painful or heavy,” she said. “Before the procedure, I had a fitting for my wedding dress and I had to wear this awful, uncomfortable corset thing to keep my breasts in place. After the reduction and lift, I didn’t need the corset and my dress fit perfectly.

“I am so grateful to Dr. Schwartz for making me feel so beautiful on one of the most important days of my life.

Vicki, Age 61

“Dr. Schwartz was very attentive. He took the time I needed to feel comfortable about the procedure — taking photographs, giving me specific recommendations, and thoroughly explaining what to expect. He was so meticulous, from the consultation through to follow-up, that I had no doubt the results would be fantastic.”

Turning 60 last year wasn’t nearly as hard for Vicki as she’d imagined it would be. She had a wonderful family, and a marriage that was still going strong after 40 years. She was also in great shape — with the body of a much younger woman.

There was just one problem; her face wasn’t holding up quite as well as her figure.

“I spend a lot of time working out and keeping my body looking good,” Vicki said. “However, in the last few years I’ve been feeling like my face didn’t match all the hard work I put into my body.”

Vicki still wanted to look attractive and sexy for her longtime husband. Having contemplated a facelift for some time, Vicki finally took the plunge and decided to seek out a plastic surgeon.

“I explored plastic surgeons on the Internet, and what I discovered is that a lot of doctors specialize in breast augmentation. Other procedures are almost an afterthought,” Vicki said. “Dr. Schwartz was more well-rounded, with a broad range of knowledge and experience.”

Vicki visited with two other doctors but was not satisfied with their consultations.

“They used their nurses for the interview process, made quick decisions and didn’t spend much time with me,” she said. “Dr. Schwartz was very attentive and took the time I needed to feel comfortable about the procedure — taking photographs, giving me specific recommendations, and thoroughly explaining what to expect.”

Dr. Schwartz was also careful not to rush the procedure, even after it was scheduled, Vicki said. He postponed her surgery twice — once when she had a sinus infection and again when her blood pressure was too high – out of an abundance of caution.

“He was so meticulous, from the consultation through to follow-up, that I had no doubt the results would be fantastic. I am so happy with how everything turned out. I respect Dr. Schwartz and his staff so much that I would recommend him to anyone.”

Could Not Be Happier

How can you convey professional adoration in a few sentences? My experience with Dr. Schwartz and his wonderful staff, especially Amanda, his office manager was flawless. After heavily weighing all the options of cosmetic surgery and extensively searching for the best surgeon, I wholeheartedly put my trust in Dr. Schwartz. I am now almost two years post-op and could not be happier with the outcome. If you are considering enhancement surgery and are looking to Dr. Schwartz and his staff you will be completely satisfied.

Breast Implant Story

I’m extremely pleased with the results and how everything turned out. Dr. Schwartz is such an amazing surgeon. His eye for detail and artistic ability is truly a work of art on the human body. The image he gave me is one that I could never have sculpted in the gym. I finally feel like a woman. And for that I am tremendously grateful for.

Many thanks to you and Cynthia for all your knowledge,support and time before, during and after my surgery. Dr. Schwartz is blessed to have such a talented and caring staff. Your compassion for patients is remarkable!

I look forward to my next follow-up in March. Hopefully I will see you then so you can see the final results…brace yourself they are amazing looking.

After all I now have a “body by Schwartz!” -Thought about making a shirt to say that,however, I’m so modest I wouldn’t wear it in public. Take care and have a blessed week!



Meghan Allen - "Playmate"

Meghan Allen has been in the public eye since 2003, when she first appeared on the hit NBC television series “Fear Factor.” The show led to additional TV appearances as well as a “Women of Fear Factor” Playboy pictorial and video.

Later this year, Meghan will be a Playboy Cybergirl and possibly Playmate of the Month.

“I wasn’t unhappy with my body before breast augmentation; in fact, I first appeared in Playboy without implants,” said the 26-year-old Pennsylvania native.

Meghan’s main reason for opting for saline breast implants in October 2006, she said, was a desire to expand her wardrobe options.

“I wanted my clothing to fit better,” she said. “There were dresses and shirts I couldn’t wear at 32B – or had to wear with a bra even though the clothes weren’t designed for that.”

Meghan selected Dr. Robert Schwartz for her procedure after consulting with friends and doing extensive research on the Internet. She said she knew she’d made the right choice during her first meeting with Dr. Schwartz.

“I went in thinking that I wanted to be 32D or 34D. And I know from my friends that a lot of doctors will do exactly what you tell them to do,” Meghan said.

“But Dr. Schwartz wanted to make sure I had weighed my decision carefully. He walked me through dozens of photos of real women who’d had breast augmentation, so I could see what different sizes looked like on women of various heights and weights. In the process, I realized that I might not be happy with D cups, since I was 5’4’ and 105 pounds.

“I ended up going with 34C, and it was the best decision I could have made. Without Dr. Schwartz’s guidance and willingness to listen, I might have a made a serious mistake.”

Meghan said Dr. Schwartz also educated her on the pros and cons of different types of incisions. She eventually chose to have incisions under the breasts (inframammary crease) rather than through the nipple, armpit or navel.

“He’s very patient. He really wants you to be happy with the outcome,” she said. “And the incision we chose worked out really well. You cannot see the scar at all, unless you’re in a horizontal position.”

Dr. Schwartz’s commitment to keeping Meghan comfortable and informed extended to the day of surgery and beyond.

“At the hospital, he met with me and went through all of my decisions one last time, to make sure I understood them and was satisfied with them,” she said. “Then, after the procedure, I had several follow-up appointments with Dr. Schwartz, starting two days after the surgery.

“He made sure I knew what to expect, so I wouldn’t be freaked out by anything. For example, the implants start out higher on the body and then gradually come down to the right place. In my case, one fell before the other – but he told me that might happen, so I was expecting it,” she said.

Meghan said the reaction to her breast augmentation has been universally positive.

“Women who know I’ve had the procedure have told me that they’re amazed by how natural they look and feel,” she said. “In fact, my mom had hers done 17 years ago – and now she’s thinking about having them redone by Dr. Schwartz.”