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For women and men alike, hanging skin and excess fat throughout the abdomen can be frustrating and challenging despite attempts to lose it. Pregnancy, weight loss, and aging are the most popular reasons why someone may not be able to create a tighter and slimmer abdomen. A tummy tuck tightens and repositions abdominal muscles, reducing the bulge and flattening the stomach.

After repairing this problem, you can maintain your appearance with a balanced diet and exercise. Dallas, TX plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Schwartz performs abdominoplasty that varies on the results desired. This popular surgery at Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX allows patients the chance to have a gorgeous, new figure and renewed confidence.


Abdominoplasty can be performed on both women and men. If you find yourself upset over loose skin as well as excess fat in the tummy section, this surgical treatment can help produce a tighter and slimmer appearance. Prior to surgery, we recommend patients to be at a healthy weight. Abdominoplasty is not a weight loss procedure — it treats loose skin. Liposuction is often implemented during surgery to reduce fat. If your stomach area has healthy skin tightness, but you are still unhappy with your appearance even on a clean diet, another option may be liposuction.

Women considering this treatment should be past pregnancy so that the surgical outcomes are not impacted. For women who have undergone a C-section, it is possible that removing excess skin during a tummy tuck can significantly reduce prominent scars caused by C-sections. Dr. Schwartz will evaluate the location of your scar and the possibility of improving its appearance or any residual stretch marks left after the birth of your child.

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Tummy tuck surgery is performed using general anesthesia. There are several methods to think about when performing this surgery, which is geared to the patient's needs. For starters, the incision shape is selected based on the measure of skin that needs to be removed. Some patients with severe sagging and loose skin may require a full tummy tuck. Other patients who have minimal skin laxity but are still annoyed by the look of their abdomen may be better suited for a smaller procedure. These patients still benefit from tummy tuck surgery, but will simply receive a smaller scar. Regardless of the nature of the surgery, all tummy tuck procedures involve the removal of loose skin and fat removal. Combining your tummy tuck procedure with liposuction can achieve a truly sculpted result.

Most tummy tucks leave a scar from hip to hip, often arching well above the bikini line on each side. To remedy this, Dr. Schwartz incorporates his own technique and a skin pattern customized to fit each individual patient. He even goes as far as to examine you in your bathing suit to be sure no scars will be visible. Still, getting great results runs more than skin deep. Dr. Schwartz knows precisely how tight the skin must be pulled and how much must be removed to achieve a natural look. Too little and the abdomen remains loose. Too much and it's even worse, leaving the belly stretched taut as a drum. And finally, there’s the matter of the belly button that is often left flat and ringed by a large scar — the telltale sign of any tummy tuck. For this, Dr. Schwartz utilizes a technique he invented himself to create a natural-looking “innie” while effectively hiding the scar inside the belly button.


After your tummy tuck surgery, you will be monitored and released wearing a compression garment to minimize swelling. Walking and standing will be slow going at first, so you should rest for a couple days. Standing and moving becomes easier once the muscles relax and the incision begins to heal. Dr. Schwartz equips his Dallas patients with the On-Q pain pump, a baseball-sized device that slowly bathes

anesthetic over the sutured abdominal muscles, virtually eliminating any discomfort. Most patients should be able to return to normal activities after a couple weeks. Exercise can resume later, closer to the two-month mark. The tummy area may feel sore and tight at first, but you will feel normal after healing. You will love your slimmer, tighter look!


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Many factors can lead to a stretched-out lower abdomen, creating hanging skin. We know it can be frustrating and challenging — surgery is generally the only way to overcome this. If you are tired of having loose skin on your abdomen, regardless of the severity, surgical body contouring can help you get the look you want. Please contact our Dallas office today to learn more.

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