Dallas Tummy Tuck

A Fine Line
The Art of the Tummy Tuck by Dr. Robert Schwartz in Dallas

You don’t need us to explain. You know first hand what pregnancy does to a woman’s body. And you’re familiar with those extra pounds that many of us collect year after year. Still, no matter how hard you’ve worked you just can’t get rid of that loose, sagging belly. You’ve bounced from gym to gym, trainer to trainer, one promise to the next. But it’s still there. And you hate it. Yes, hate it.

Perhaps no other aesthetic surgery can yield such dramatic results as the tummy tuck. But all tummy tucks are not created equal. There’s a fine line that separates the good from the bad, and an okay surgeon from a great one. As you’ll see—or hopefully won’t see—it all begins with that first incision.

Most tummy tucks leave a scar from hip to hip, often arching well above the bikini line on each side. To remedy this, Dr. Schwartz incorporates his own technique and a skin pattern customized to fit each individual patient. He even goes as far as to examine you in your bathing suit to be sure no scars will be visible. Still, getting great results runs more than skin deep. Dr. Schwartz knows precisely how hard the skin must be pulled and how much must be removed to achieve a natural look. Too little and the abdomen remains loose. Too much and It’s even worse, leaving the belly stretched taut as a drum.

A high quality tummy tuck tightens not only the skin but the deeper layers of the abdomen as well. Diastasis recti, the separation of abdominal muscles strained from carrying and giving birth to a child, can create bulges even for Dallas women who vigorously exercise. A tummy tuck tightens and repositions abdominal muscles, eliminating the bulge and flattening the stomach. After repairing this problem, you can maintain your appearance with a balanced diet and exercise.

For Dallas women who undergo a C-section, their scars can prevent them from feeling confident in a bikini or even fully enjoying intimacy. In some cases, removing excess skin during a tummy tuck can significantly reduce prominent scars caused by C-sections. Dr. Schwartz will evaluate the location of your scar and possibility of improving the appearance of the scar or any residual stretch marks left after the birth of your child.

And finally, there’s the matter of the belly button that is often left flat and ringed by a large scar—the telltale sign of any tummy tuck. For this, Dr. Schwartz utilizes a technique he invented himself to create a natural looking “innie” while effectively hiding the scar inside the belly button. So when you slip into that bikini, or pull on those low-rise jeans you’ve been eager to wear, you can show off your hard work. Not your surgeon’s.

Patients in Dallas have benefitted from Dr. Schwartz’s unique approach to tummy tuck, but some patients may have stubborn fat deposits that need removal. Combining your tummy tuck procedure with liposuction can achieve a truly sculpted result. Fat deposits removed with liposuction will not return, even if you gain a few extra pounds. Body contouring is just what it sounds like, a new shape for your body not weight loss. Your clothes will fit better. Your confidence boosted. But most importantly the results of your tummy tuck will be even better.

Now granted, a tummy tuck is no minor procedure. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a major pain. That’s because Dr. Schwartz also equips his Dallas patients with the On-Q pain pump, a baseball sized-device that slowly bathes anesthetic over the sutured abdominal muscles, virtually eliminating any discomfort. That’s hardly any pain for a whole lot of gain.

And that’s the art of the tummy tuck by Dr. Robert Schwartz.

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