Can You Hide Tummy Tuck Scars?

Dr. Robert Schwartz
March 26, 2014

Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) typically leaves horizontal scars across the abdomen. However, there are steps that I take as a surgeon that can help Dallas patients make these scars less apparent ... or hide them altogether.

In a tummy tuck, I remove the "apron" of abdominal flab and loose skin that can develop after weight loss or pregnancy. The incision goes from one side of the abdomen to the other, running the length of this apron of skin. Because of the location and size of the scar, patients often want to know their options for hiding its appearance.

Over the past fifteen years, I've developed a surgical approach to the tummy tuck that helps Dallas patients achieve attractive, natural-looking results while hiding the scars:

  • I use a technique that lowers the main scar so that it is hidden below the waist line of bathing suits, panties, and low-cut jeans. This means that you can wear whatever clothing you'd like, show off your results, and not worry about the scar.
  • I've also modified the typical abdominoplasty technique for rejuvenating the belly button. Most tummy tucks create a circular scar around the belly button. This scar is a telltale giveaway that you've had a tummy tuck. In my procedure, I hide the scar inside of the belly button to making it less visible and creating a more natural looking "innie."

As an experienced plastic surgeon, I understand how important subtle choices are in shaping the results my patients get. That's why I take the time to perform procedures with as much care, technique, and precision as possible.

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