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Oversized breasts can cause social and functional challenges for women. In addition, overly large and unbalanced breasts can create self-image issues and embarrassment, as well as pain in both the neck and back. Dr. Robert Schwartz is a plastic surgeon in Dallas, TX who helps countless women rebuild their confidence and live an active lifestyle through breast reduction surgery.

    This cosmetic surgery at Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery reduces excess fat, tissue, and skin to reshape the breasts to a smaller, more balanced size. This surgery also reduces the size of the nipples and repositions them so they look natural with the new breast size. In most cases, a breast lift is incorporated to provide a tighter and youthful appearance.

    breast reduction IDEAL CANDIDATES

    If you have extremely large and heavy breasts that get in the way of daily life, breast reduction surgery may be a good option to attain the contour you desire. This surgery is a good procedure for women who have constant worry or cannot lead an active life because of the size of their breasts.

      In addition, if you suffer from ongoing skin inflammations or irritations as well as neck pain, this surgery can reduce many of these annoyances. It is important patients are at a healthy weight, and find an experienced surgeon like Dr. Schwartz who understands their aesthetic goals and has the knowledge to produce a natural appearance.

      Before and after photos of BREAST REDUCTION SURGERY

      breast reduction SURGICAL TECHNIQUE

      Breast reduction surgery is an outpatient treatment and performed with general anesthesia. The duration of the surgery is dependent upon a variety of factors, including what incision method is used, the overall technique, the degree of reduction. The nipple and areola repositioning will also be a factor. In most cases, liposuction is required for fat removal to decrease the breast size.

        During the consultation, all of these factors are addressed with Dr. Schwartz. The topic of scarring is also discussed as it is common to occur, although advanced methods have led to a decrease in overall scarring. Depending on the complexity of the reduction, either an anchor or a vertical incision will be used. The breast tissue is removed, and the remaining tissue and skin is tightened.

        WHAT TO EXPECT after breast reduction

        After surgery, patients will be observed closely in our private recovery facility and then released home to heal. A draining tube will most likely be placed near the surgical site to help control swelling and bleeding. A medical sports bra should be worn for several days that will improve blood flow to the breasts during the initial healing period. Within about a month, the breasts will settle and the post-op effects will disappear.

        The majority of our patients remark they feel very relieved, lighter, and more self-assured. After breast reduction surgery, you can buy the clothes you have always wanted and feel confident with your new contour. Remember, it is still important to adhere to a healthy weight so the results are not negatively impacted.

        Breast Reduction REVIEWS

        "my results have been amazing. almost 1 year post op"



        "i had amazing results. I'm headed into 9weeks post op from lipo and a 2nd breast reduction. I've lost 15 lbs and..."



        "I Love my New Boobs!! - I came to Dr. Schwartz because I had very large heavy saggy breasts I was on his..."




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        Dr. Schwartz has worked with countless women to help them reclaim their health and enjoy a more interactive life with breast reduction surgery. During your first visit at Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery, Dr. Schwartz will discuss all of the options for improvement and create a custom treatment plan to fit your needs. We invite you to call our practice in Dallas, TX to learn more about this outstanding breast reduction treatment.

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        Dr. Robert Schwartz


        Dr. Robert Schwartz is the founder and director of Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX. He is certified by the American board of Plastic Surgery and member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He graduated from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA and has been in practice for over 20 years. Dr. Schwartz is gifted with a keen eye and the unique skill to visualize you at your best, and he will execute that vision throughout every phase of your treatment to consistently deliver stunning results. This is what makes him a world-class plastic surgeon.


        Breast Reduction

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        What can someone do to stop lactating?

        What can someone do to stop lactating? There is a drug called Bromocriptine (Parlodel) that stops lactation. If a patient is interested in using it, she should discuss it with her Ob/Gyn or family doctor. The drug has potential side effects and is usually used only when lactation doesn't cease on its own and is troublesome.

        Is it normal to have a sore throat after surgery?

        Sore throat can happen after surgery. It is usually caused by the endotracheal tube the anesthesiologist uses to help you breath. It is somewhat more common in women than in men. The soreness is usually mild and goes away within a few days. A severe sore throat or one that lasts for more than a few days should be reported to Dr. Schwartz.

        Can I donate blood before surgery?

        Donating blood causes a temporary anemia. This usually corrects within 1-2 weeks. Nonetheless, we recommend that patients do not donate blood for at least one month before cosmetic surgery.

        Some patients have expressed interest in donating blood for their own use, if needed. Since most cosmetic procedures are designed to produce minimal to moderate blood loss, transfusion is almost never needed. While you are, of course, free to self-donate blood, this would almost always be unnecessary.

        *Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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