Will The Scars From My Facelift Be Noticeable?

Dr. Robert Schwartz

October 28, 2015


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Will The Scars From My Facelift Be Noticeable?

People think about getting facelifts for so many reasons. You see them on TV. You read about them in magazines. Celebrities and maybe even people you know defying their age on a seemingly daily basis. But, chances are, your reasons for considering a facelift are much more personal than simply desiring the results others have achieved.

You want to get back to being you. You want to see the return of that youthful smile you remember in the mirror from years past. You want the confidence you get from knowing you look as young and vibrant as you feel inside. What you don’t want are tell-tale scars that remind you of your procedure and clue others into your little secret. Fortunately, Dallas facelift expert Dr. Robert Schwartz has a long history of helping people just like you get back that youthful look without obvious scars to detract.


First, it’s important to understand that, just like every face is different, so is every facelift. Depending on the details of your procedure, such as your facial anatomy and the specific techniques Dr. Schwartz employs, the location of your scars can vary. Most often, the primary scar will hug the front of your ear, curve under your earlobe, then upward behind your ear, and finally into your hairline. These scars generally heal well yielding very thin scars.  This makes them difficult to detect. In another type of procedure, called mid-face resuspension, the cheeks are recontoured using incisions inside your mouth and on the temples behind your hairline, completely hidden from view.

Patients delight in their facelift results, so don’t let thoughts of scars concern you. Wherever your particular scars are located, remember that Dr. Schwartz is more than just a physician – he’s an artist – and every decision he makes during your procedure is made with an artist’s eye to give you the best possible outcome.

If you’re considering a facelift in Dallas, expert Dr. Robert Schwartz is here to help. Call today for a consultation.

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